Monday, January 26, 2009

WTF, Seriously?

Around 7:45 pm Friday night I was chilling with the roomies, watching Dirty Dancing or Bridget Jones or some chick flick type thing on Oxygen (YES, OXYGEN. Or maybe it was Encore LOVE) when all of a sudden our apartment started to shake... EARTHQUAKE.

Again, I lost all capacity to function normally and screamed out, "What do we do?" while both Ashleigh and Annie both handled themselves a lot better and seemed to look at me with newfound shock. You see, the earthquake ended about 10 seconds after it began and we hadn't moved from the sofa (although Annie held onto the precious TV) and it was just fine. Except of course, the thoughts running through my head were "OH MY GOD THIS IS IT THIS IS BIG ONE" "AT LEAST I AM DYING WITH MY CLOSEST FRIENDS." And then afterwards I thought "I need to get a grip."

I am so NOT down with earthquakes. AT ALL. That ramps up my California exit strategy...

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