Monday, February 23, 2009

My Evolving Internet Addiction

So I've made two fantastic online discoveries this past week: Google Reader and Twitter.

Okay, I realize that these are hardly new discoveries, but considering I've just learned of their bountiful fun, I'm going to gush about both right now.

Google Reader
I had initally been quite supsect of this, even though many friends have recommended using the reader--an efficient way to waste time on the internet, as well as read many more sources than might normally be possible. See, up until now, I would just click away at websites, hoping posts had been updated on various blogs, or that Entertainment Weekly had new TV spoilers or something. But with Google Reader I can just leave it open all day and see what's getting posted where and when--it's amazing! I don't have to actively and redundantly click through websites--it all comes to me. For some, I still do, and I will say that when I am bored it's still nice to look at the actual website (and then you can again appreciate design, layout, etc), but overall I am loving it so far.

I'm a total Facebook junkie and have become a bit of a status updater recently--somewhat reluctantly (remember this anti-status updating tirade?), but since I discovered Mobile Uploads I've been even more into Facebook. Somehow, this has all turned into a sudden interest in Twitter. I signed up for Twitter over the summer but never really used it, considering the strange, self-indulgent web platform to be a tool more for celebrities with fanbases or for PR and Newspeople. Well, it's pretty much fun for anyone because unlike Facebook, you don't have to be friends with people--you can follow almost anyone's "tweet" and anyone can follow yours. It's impersonal, but also fascinating to see what various public figures have to say, as well as the general randomness of any average person. It's also useful for following certain news sites, etc. Or fictional characters (I follow Darth Vader). I tried to make a Twitter feed for the blog, but seem to have just really gotten into my own (look for me: stamos). It's like an RSS feed of people or something. Also fascinating, also good for those of us who demand constant updates of information.

In sum, I recommend using both of these tools to anyone who spends as much time on the internet as I do. Excuse me now, I'm parched and need to run to the kitchen for a glass of water. Then I've got to tweet it.

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