Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of those days...

Eek. Just realized I haven't posted today... super busy at work translates to far fewer blog posts. Actually that doesn't always work out... sometimes if I am procrastinating I get really into blogging. But today that definitely has not been the case.

So glad there is only an hour left of work... happiness.

And in case you were curious, today's outfit is pretty much the opposite of yesterday--very Santa Monica hippie: brown cords, cowboy boots, grey t-shirt with a navy v-neck sweater over it, big coral beaded necklace with a red pendant on it... and I am 100x more comfy than yesterday. I've also nailed getting read in 2o minutes in the morning. 7 minute shower, 13 miuntes for clothes, make-up and hair. Lots of time for sleep.

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