Monday, March 30, 2009

conversations with my "cubemate"

This is what happens when you have IM conversations with the person who sits next to you and has to see your every move and gives you plants that you name Horace and asks what's wrong when you are strangely talking to yourself.

Please note that before recieving this IM I was going through my Twitter on my iPhone but I had my head in my hand.

Cubemate [4:08 PM]:
are u sleeping?
Me[4:08 PM]:
i wish
i am so tired
looking at my phone
Cubemate[4:08 PM]:
well, u look REAL comfortable
Me[4:08 PM]:
Cubemate[4:09 PM]:
u should talk to horace
he'll keep u awake
Me [4:09 PM]:
he's delightful
i was just thinking i dont have anyone to procrastinate with
Cubemate [4:09 PM]:
tell horace
that's what he's there for
very good at listening

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