Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Annnnnnnnnnnd I just had another minor freakout when I realized that I only posted 33 times in February. That is the least amount of posting per month since I started posting regularly.


No good, I tell you, no good.

From henceforth, I commit to a minimum of TWO POSTS A DAY! (Weekends not included). I am already on a role, as this is a gratuitous post to make #4 for this lovely Tuesday (and because I am feeling particularly self-indulgent/verbose today, expect more to follow).

And now, what I think my animal spirit god looks like*:

*In case you were wondering, I googled "native american wolf" and that fine lassie just HAPPENED to be in the picture. Or maybe she's the Native American version of me. I haven't decided yet. I want it on a t-shirt though. Okay yeah that's me. I have great hair.

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