Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Free Association

It’s Wednesday. Of course it’s raining today. The weather the past few days has been very odd. Crazy hot and sunny this weekend, dreary on Monday, sunny again Tuesday, torrential downpour Wednesday. I’m curious to see what Mother Nature has in store the rest of the week. Who knew LA weather could be so interesting. Isn't it? Aren't you fascinated by my weather reports? I sure am.

Speaking of interesting, last night Adam and I went to tennis at a new night and time because we’d finally had enough of our poor excuse for an instructor and delinquent classmates. Honestly, it was as though we were in an outreach program at the local playground where people happened to be swinging rackets around. We thought we were the best in the class, and that we were really improving. That is, until, we joined this other class with a competent instructor and realized that for the past 6 weeks we really had been in an outreach program. We learned more in the first 10 minutes than in all previous classes with Captain Shitty Coach Who Loves Innuendo. Of course this class was made up of 4 other women, all in their late 20s (I’d guess), except for one highly Type A competitive bitch, who we decided was 38, single, and although she was similar to one of the Plastics of Mean Girls, she was really just a huge tool (Adam and I might be more like the Plastics of Mean Girls, in retrospect). At one point I saw her shooting me dagger eyes while I was practicing serving and I turned around to face her and she spluttered out “that was a good serve” in her least convincing/most-machine like voice. It was uncomfortable. Final decision? It’s private lessons from here on out.

And in other news, if you haven't already noticed, I figured out how to get my Twitter feed on the blog (look to the right). Very exciting. For you. Obviously. What does this mean? This means that in addition to daily posts you now can come back here for regular updates in 140 characters or less! I still recommend getting on Twitter (and trust me, once you are there you will soon get addicted), but now it's a little microblog on the blog. GOD IS ANYONE AS OBSSESED WITH ME AS I SEEM TO BE? Seriously I could use a good slap in the face right now.

Speaking of face, mine is starting to peel a little bit. I'd forgotten how much I love being tan. I know that sounds shocking, considering I often contemplate my battle with tanorexia, but in the winter I let myself go.

And with that I am going to go... I've been dreaming up this whole opinion piece (because I never write my opinion) on the case for Twitter, but I feel like I've already beaten that one to death, so I'll spare you that, for now.

Speaking of beating to death, the roommates and I are still getting many a laugh out of the story of the woman who's pet chimp went AWOL and tore off her friend's face, prompting her to tell the police "shoot on sight" and that when she stabbed her beloved pet it was though he looked up at her saying, "why Mommy!"

Oh and speaking of the roommates we are getting our nasty carpet cleaned today. I'll believe it when I see it.

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