Thursday, March 05, 2009

Holy Coffee, Batman!

Side note, I think that "Holy [word], Batman!" saying is excessively trite, but any sense of creative originality escapes me today...

I AM SO CAFFEINATED TODAY. WOW. And I didn't even have the kitchen's coffee flavored battery acid. I think it's because all week I've been drinking tea in what I like to think of as cost-effective means of preserving my money for other things I care about (new J. Crew collection, hot tamales, alcohol) so when I splurged for a Coffee Bean latte this fine morning it has HIT ME. Bonus side effect? High productivity on several fronts, although most is work-related (that's a first!).

In other news I have tickets to see WATCHMEN at the midnight screening tonight and I AM FIRED UP. I AM A HUGE NERD! I am wearing a YELLOW BELT OVER A NAVY BLUE T-SHIRT TODAY! SOMEONE SEDATE ME!

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