Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay, I believe you now.

Just about every morning when I drive to work I listen to NPR. The national news is on at 8 am and I think it's simply the best way to commute. I will admit that for a little while after the election I took a 3 month hiatus from my news immersion, but it's back to being a part of my daily routine. It's interesting to measure the mood of news stories day by day. Half the time I am listening I think I am still in morning, pre-coffee mode, and probably only digest a portion of the information. However today I noticed something--the stories seemed especially grim and the facts about the recession and the economy stood out more than usual.

Add this to The Huffington Post's typically dramatic headline last night: "Tent City, USA" and I think it's starting to sink in: we're fucked.

I realize you're maybe reading this, thinking, uh, yeah? Thing is, here in LA it's been easier to distance myself from what's going on. We're away from DC and Wall Street and from the heart of the financial crisis. Out here people care about the same thing--buying and selling good entertainment. However I've noticed more change, and change that's hitting closer to home.

My dad tells me that in change comes opportunity--and I agree, however it's difficult to embrace that or to remain optimistic about opportunity in such turmoil. For some reason, today I feel like I get it. Times are tough. I see now. But on the flip side--and even when I seem to finally grasp the gravity of the situation, I can't but help remain positive. Maybe it's my nature, maybe it's being a product of Gen Y, or maybe it's just because... but I can't help it.

About a month ago I was at a Chinese restaurant and my fortune cookie told me something interesting that I have held onto: YOUR CAREER PLANS LOOK BRIGHT. I keep that fortune in my wallet.

I have no idea what the future holds or even fully understand what's happening right now, and even though I sort of get it--or at least I feel the massive grip of hard economic times, I find it hard to believe that it won't all work out. I'm going to hold onto that fortune.

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