Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Spirit

Just four years ago I was spending an epic St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, dressed in green complete with face paint, an Irish Rugby shirt and a headband with shamrocks, watching a bizarre celebratory parade, drinking copious amounts of Guinness, getting intoxicated in public (and by 1pm in the afternoon)--all that fun stuff. And here I am, 4 years later and the closest thing to green I'm wearing today is a large turquoise necklace. And did I mention I am wearing a hot pink skirt?

Truth be told, I completely forgot it was St. Patty's today--I wouldn't say LA isn't the most "spirited" of cities, and certainly doesn't seem to have the same rambunctious Irish-American population as a city like Boston does (I imagine a few my friends there are already drunk, and rightly so). It appears to be just another day like any other in this city.

I'm a little sad I forgot to show some Irish pride today (although I am pretty sure I am all British/Scottish on one half--no Irish) especially because I pride myself in my spirit. Yes, I was deemed one half of Most School Spirit, Falmouth High School Class of '02 (my good friend Nate being the other half, the yearbook photo featuring me sitting on his shoulders with one of those giant foam thumbs on my hand--in retrospect we probably both won that accolade because we were equally obnoxious at soccer games and the like). I like to think I still bring that spirit with me still--and it applies to holidays or other occasions. But here I am today--feeling apathetic and likely to not go out tonight (what, I've got a 6:30am pilates session tomorrow?). Does this mean I am getting older? Or have I become jaded and am one of the many who now accept apathy as a necessary crutch to coping? God, that's depressing. I'm going to go with my original theory--I simply forgot.

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day--whether you're wearing green or not.

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