Friday, March 20, 2009

This is gross and your probably don't want to hear about it but

my jeans smell.

Like in that weird, "I bought them somewhat recently but don't wear them too much but have yet to wash them" strange denim-specifc smell. It's that JEANS SMELL. You know the one! I know you know... everyone experiences this odd jeans smell. Clearly, mine are due for that requisite wash (and then I'll probably never wash them again) but it's GROSS because the scent is overpowering DESPITE the amount of perfume I am wearing/strongly fragranced conditioner I use in my hair. I mean it's distracting. I wish I wasn't wearing this jeans. I am tempted to go down to my car and get the sweatpants in my gym bag. (By sweatpants I meant those awful velour Juicy pants that I still wear around the house, okay?) And I am wondering if I could pull those off at work... I mean it is "casual" day or whatever...

Seriously this denim odor is NOT OKAY.

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