Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I'm Watching and Reading and Doing and Thinking

So you probably noticed that some time ago I added that little box to the right, and it includes such fascinating details ABOUT ME such as what I am eating and watching and listening to and wishing and you may have ALSO NOTICED (that I love spontaneous capitalization? DUH!) that I sometimes updated it daily and sometimes not at all and that it once said reading but as I embarassingly have been doing more watching than reading I changed it and ANYWAY THE POINT OF THIS INCESSANT RAMBLING is that I want to talk about what I am going to be watching on TV tonight/this weekend.

So. I am house sitting this weekend and have some serious plans to live like a little hermit and NOT GO OUT. Why not go out? A few reasons: I am low on cash (it's the economy, stupid!), I sometimes have an inner conflict that I drink too much when I do go out, and I NEED A MOMENT. That moment will be catching up on TV, and trying to finish the two books I am reading, and of course, if it is nice, feeding the tanorexia in Malibu.

So let me talk about some shows for a moment because as we ALL KNOW, TV is my true passion. Well one of them (some others include: hot tamales, aquaphor, talking to myself, wearing odd clothing combinations).

Tonight is a new episode of Bones. FOX 8 pm. I AM REALLY EXCITED. My roommates are probably less excited because everyday TNT runs a repeat and they've been going straight from Season 1 the past month or so, and so almost daily I've been watching Bones and, consequently, so have Annie and Ashleigh. But it hasn't been new in like THREE WEEKS and it FINALLY is tonight and I am really excited. Yes, I LOVE a show all about icky human remains. Obviously it's more about the "will they or won't they" relationship of the two leads, but there's a serious geek component there too.

What else... okay well obviously I am still in the middle of catching up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer although I haven't been as engrossed in it the past two weeks. In fact, this week I think I've only watched two episodes total, and I have one left in Season 4 before I move onto Season 5. Loving my Netflix subscription though--I feel as though it's going to enable me to start watching so many other shows (on deck: Big Love, Dexter, Damages, Six Feet Under).

I'm also pretty psyched for new episodes of 30 Rock and The Office and I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice in about a month, but I am thinking one of these days I might go on a binge and go back to those buzzed-about crossover episodes and catch up. Oh and I haven't watched this weeks episode of The City yet (yes, I am still watching that craptastic mess, what, did you think I would have forgotten? PUHLEEZE.)

More importantly, only two episodes of Battlestar Galactica remain. Three for me because I STILL haven't watched last week's ep (and shockingly have remained spoiler-free). That show is so unbelievably good and I don't care if you are averse to science fiction or special effects or something that airs on the SciFi channel because if you like a show that explores morals, ethics, politics, religion, love, friendship, loyalty, ETC, then you will LOVE THIS SHOW. And if you don't like a show that explores such things then I am guessing you hate freedom.

I'll also probably watch Dollhouse tomorrow night because I'm starting to enjoy that show, and I would be watching Friday Night Lights if I hadn't already watched the whole season on DirecTV (FYI, WATCH THAT SHOW).

As for books, I got about halfway through the intense and captivating The Handmaid's Tale before my brother gave me UnLunDun which is a YA Fantasy book (of course) that I read at whiplash speeds until I got distracted with TV shows and still somehow have 100 pages left. I need to finish it. And I got my new issue of the New Yorker in the mail yesterday which I plan to read (apprently the cover is controversial for poking fun at the Michelle Obama sleeveless arms debacle). And now that I am hooked on my Google Reader I'm sure I won't be too far from my phone or computer all weekend...

So that's that.

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