Wednesday, April 08, 2009



So I just checked my Twitter and NOT ONLY did I receive my first ever @reply from a known brand, BUT I GOT MY FIRST RE-TWEET. THIS IS SO EXCITING. IT IS LIKE CHRISTMAS FOR A NERD WHO LIKES TO WEAR JEDI BLANKETS TO WORK. NO SERIOUSLY.

And because I think this is proof of a brand that is DOING IT RIGHT (when it comes to online marketing, connecting with the consumer, outreach, Twitter, brand presence, etc etc) and DOING IT GREEN, I'd like to announce my formal endorsement of Pert Plus. For what exactly, it doesn't matter. But Pert Plus is king, officially. According to this blog. And me. Check out these tweets in response to my tweets yesterday (RT = re-tweet and it means that they essentially "forwarded on" what I wrote about Pert Plus yesterday, when I was reminiscing about the three minute showers I used to take at summer camp):

Pert_Plus@stamos Using a 2-in-1 cuts energy used to heat shower water by 63%--enough to power a flat screen TV for five hrs/day for a year

RT @stamos I like how Pert Plus is the most effective tool in guaranteeing a three minute shower (Think of the water & energy you save)

I've now also created a label for PERT PLUS so you can track all the posts in which I write about my new favorite hair product. IT'S GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT TOO!

UPDATE: I just checked out the Pert Plus Twitter page and it turns out they RETWEETED ME YESTERDAY. I seem to have missed it! WOW. SIMPLY WOW.

RT @stamos: Pert Plus smells like summer camp and dreams (Love it.)

Not only did they Re-Tweet me yesterday but I seem to have inspired a Twitter PR movement! Check it out:

Does the smell of Pert Plus bring back fond memories? @PertPlus with your story -- best one gets a free bottle.

I just feel honored. Truly, I do. And let me tell you a story about my history with Pert Plus:

Yes folks, I went to summer camp in Maine, and as it was an environmentally-conscious summer camp we were required to take three minute showers. Once a week. No more, no less. Furthermore, said showers only permitted the use of a biodegradable shampoo--hence an early appreciation for Pert Plus that not only makes my hair feel fabulous but provides some instant nostalgia. Man I am jazzed about this fab 2-in-1 right now!


Nicole for Pert Plus said...

Thanks for your endorsement of Pert Plus. A couple more great stats -- Using a 2-in-1 reduces water usage by 64% and reduces your fuel and water buill by up to $60/year (according to a Pert Plus study).

I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts on the products.

Ida said...

wow, pert plus is really KILLING IT in the internet space.