Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And in TV land...

Just a little round-up of my TV-related thoughts this week.

-This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly has a nice little review of Bones inside, calling it "TV's most dependable romantic screwball comedy" which it certainly is, combined with some compelling crime solving, of course. I just had to share because as you've probably noticed by now, when I get excited about a show or a movie--I want to get other people in on the fun. There are only two episodes of Bones left this season, but it's worth checking out, and the pilot is available on Hulu now. Rather than watch crappy summer TV this year, try out an existing gem and get caught up in time for the new season to start in the fall.

-Also, I have to say something about Better Off Ted because it's been getting lots of buzz on the internet and is one of those shows rumored to be "on the bubble" for ABC's schedule next year. I will admit I have not been a regular viewer, but it is a great show. Truly hilarious. Worth checking out, worth saving. Long live the sitcom!

-I haven't been keeping up with Gossip Girl but I am psyched to see the upcoming episode with the backdoor pilot for the spinoff. This sentiment is based purely on my interest in seeing some sweet 80s fashions.

-I've really slowed down in the Buffy watching, I guess that happens when real life catches up to you. I have more than half of the last season remaining, but am already starting to get excited for what show I am going to Netflix next. I'm thinking either Big Love or Dexter... anyone have a strong opinion either way? Although I could really go for another epic sci-fi series... suggestions are appreciated!

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