Thursday, June 18, 2009

NERD ALERT: The Newest Addition to my Eclectic Desk Decor

I just returned to the office after spending a bulk of the morning presenting some TRENDS (p.s. my job sounds cooler than it is, trust me) and found a package waiting for me.

Now, I knew what was inside said package prior opening because the sender discussed the contents with me two days ago, but this did NOTHING to deter my anticipation.

ALSO, I was unaware how freakin', 'scuse me, FRAKKIN' badass it would be:

Yep, that's the Emmy screener for my beloved show Battlestar Galactica. It looks so cool I don't think I am going to open it. I've already seen all the episodes anyway. And besides, it looks great with my gumball machine.

On the other hand... I wonder what this could fetch me on ebay? Any interested buyers?

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Ha! Glad you like. I will be sure to send any other nerd paraphernalia I come across! xoxo