Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prepare Yourselves

It's Sunday night. 10:15pm. I'm doing work. Fortunately my work is watching new TV pilots, but when it's preceding one of the most stressful weeks of my life as a "young professional," you should imagine what this is preceding... Yep, Monday and Tuesday are likely to be slow blogging days, if it all.

It's interesting, because recently I've been really aware of the fact that my blog is less creative, less consistent--I am less involved--and when I do write, it's quick and ill-prepared. I've also noticed readership down, so I am sure that there's a correlation, but at the same time I wonder if people who are regularly reading the blog notice this as well or if I am just really self-aware.

And now I am rambling. Typical. But I should get back to the work, and best prepare myself for the insanely busy week ahead, and the rest of you should prepare for yourselves for a slow week in my blogging world. Thank goodness for Twitter, I guess...

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