Monday, July 06, 2009

Hello! Hello! It's me!

Oh hello there. Ah yes, I am at long last posting after the long holiday weekend. It's taken me longer than normal to consider getting around to a weekend recap. This is mostly due to the fact that I've spent the entire day in a groggy haze. Motivation levels have been low, as well as actual productivity. However, I like to think of Mondays as my free pass--the day when it's okay to be a little bit of a disaster because come Tuesday I'll have all my shit together.

At least that's what I tell myself.

My Fourth of July weekend was full of freedom, friends, family (well, not mine) and buckets of fun. Truly. It's been especially fun because DiTonto's parents have been staying with us since Thursday, and we've all decided it would be great to have parents living with us always. Funny how in high school that would have been the last thing I would have wanted. But since they've been in town it's been a non stop frenzy of delicious food and hilarity. Mostly because they call DiTonto "Peanut." I love these family names. One of my best friends' from home's family calls her Munchie or Munch which is just the greatest thing ever. Speaking of nicknames, even DiTonto's parents call me Stamos.

A Middlebury friend was in town over the weekend to "crush the scene" for a lot of "epicocity" (his lingo, not mine) and it made me want to just steal away all my friends from college and bring them all to LA and have them all live within 5 miles of me and then everything would be perfect. But I supposes that's what college was, and now we must settle for the occasional visit.

The highlight of the weekend was probably DiTonto's parents picking up their intoxicated daughter and 10 of her friends Saturday night. It really feels good to get spoiled every now and then.

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