Monday, September 21, 2009

no Emmys for me, thanks. see, there's this thing called the INTERNET.

I did not watch the Emmys last night. Was this sacrilege? Maybe. I used to plan weekends around awards shows. In eighth grade, winning an Oscar contest was the highlight of the year for me. (No really.) In recent years, however, I've decided that I don't need to spend three-plus hours watching Hollywood adorn its people with self-congratulations*. If there are any spectacular moments I can catch them on this the nifty thing called YouTube.

So what did I watch last night instead? The season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm (awkwardly hilarious, as always), the pilot for the new show Bored to Death (overall: meh), last week's Glee, and then some episodes of Bones I'd seen several times. Yes, dead bodies and science jokes never fail to lull me into a happy and peaceful sleep. And David Boreanaz is nice to look at.

So what did I miss? Well, it comes as no surprise that Neil Patrick Harris killed as host, and I am thrilled that Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog had an unexpected showing (video below). Considering how devoted I am to the world of web content, this recognition was well-deserved.

Speaking of, if you have never watched the entire Dr. Horrible, do yourself a favor and get watching. (Nathan Fillion is also nice to look at).

It's especially apropos, what with the constant debate over digital content vs. traditional television, that I chose to catch any Emmy tidbits online, wouldn't you agree? (And can anyone tell me if I just used/spelled "apropos" correctly?) Even though early numbers show that ratings for the telecast were up from last year, aren't live television events becoming less relevant? Especially when the West Coast airing is delayed? I'm pretty sure the only live TV I will watch nowadays are football games. (On that note, I missed the Patriots game yesterday but a big F U to the Jets. Yeah, I said it.)

Two more Emmy-related cents to share before I resume waking myself up this fine Monday morning: I'm over Mad Men winning, but think 30 Rock could never be recognized enough. The real reason I couldn't stomach the Emmys? No recognition for Battlestar Galactica OR Friday Night Lights. A damn shame, right there.

*I will change my mind of course (regarding Hollywood and its self-congratulations), for the day I win an Emmy for my yet-to-be written star TV series. Duh.

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Anonymous said...

What if one day the Emmys were the Annie's? Then would you watch?