Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh no.

So they turn off the air conditioning in my new office building after 6pm. I can't confirm that, but it is surely what it feels like, and that is not good for my temperature issues, LET ME TELL YOU.

Also not good is that these LA fires are really persistent, man. Like it's just hot and smokey alllllll the time. LA is not supposed to be like this! I was on the phone with my dad earlier who informed me he was at a Seadogs game last night (the Portland Seadog's are Maine's great minor league baseball team... or it might called farm team... I'm no expert) and it was really cold out. I WANT THAT. Those beautiful late summer nights in New England when it couldn't be more perfectly crisp? But nope, here I am in smokey, smoggy LA where it's hot as balls.

Enough complaining. Time to get PSYCHED about LA because guess what? (What!) My brother is moving to LA. TONIGHT. In fact, I am picking him up from the airport in about 20 minutes. Yeah that's right, this city is about to become overridden with STAMOS. Actually I am the ONLY STAMOS, but he's pretty similar to me. Even better, Joshie is moving to an apartment a block away! Even worse? My arch nemesis moves with him. Who, you might be wondering, is my arch nemesis? His cat, Geneva, known by 'Neva to many. Yes, Neva and I go way back to the days when she was a cute average sized kitten. But now she's overweight and has dandruff.

I hope that not only will my brother's move to LA inspire me to learn how to surf (aka he will teach me), but perhaps I will repair my relationship with Neva. Maybe I'll even get to post some cat videos of her. OOOOH see that is how we will become friends! I will exploit her feline ways for YouTube infamy!

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Samartdog said...

Wow! Right when I was dealing with (actually, looking forward to) you posting diary excerpts of the old days, back when you were an ankle-biter (oh yes you were), here comes Josh. And living an old home block away. I'm stoked for both of you. Surf's up, Gidget!

Question is, can L.A. deal?