Wednesday, October 07, 2009

SGYou should be watching SGU (ha get it?)

Watch this:

Now read this:
"The fan base of the Stargate saga is sure to get larger and possibly less nerdier thanks to this absorbing, well acted and written spin off. Part Star Trek and part Poseidon Adventure the new series manages to seamlessly introduce newcomers to the long standing mythology of the series while revitalising the whole concept. The series overcomes standard genre clich├ęs thanks to an incredibly strong cast led by Robert “Trainspotting” Carlyle and interesting narrative structure. Starting with a bang, the pilot episode continues to prove that the best science fiction is happening on the small screen." Full article here.

And I dare you to not enjoy Stargate Universe (no prior understanding of the show and its years of spinoffs required, but you should be aware that Richard Dean Anderson had a killer career after MacGyver). GO AHEAD. I DARE YA.

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