Monday, November 09, 2009

In which I take Mad Men down a notch or two

Hi. My name is Annie. Some people call me Stamos. I am not related to John Stamos, but sometimes I wish I was (if only for the hair). I love television. I work in television. I watch a lot of television. I do not watch Mad Men. I am sick of hearing about Mad Men. I am really, really happy that the season finale of Mad Men was last night. Why? Maybe now everyone will shut up about it. And hopefully my Google reader will no longer be comprised by an overwhelming amount of Mad Men-related articles. Maybe all the other TV critics I admire and read will stop talking about Mad Men. Maybe my dad will stop raving about it and how it makes him think of when he was younger and how it's really just amazing what a world advertising used to be (this coming from the man who ran an advertising agency with a custom-colored basketball court and regular Elvis-impersonation contests) and maybe, just maybe, everyone who's as much as a TV junkie as I am will turn their attention to other deserving shows.

And yes, I've watched Mad Men. A few times. The costumes are beautiful and that Jon Hamm sure is good looking, and yeah there's social commentary and good writing and beautiful art direction/set design, but you know what? It's boring. There I said it. I'll say it again: it's boring. That's why I don't like Mad Men. It's a total bore. And I think it's incredibly over-hyped.

Now perhaps you are reading this and now think much less of me and my supposed "high brow TV tastes." That's just fine. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. And mine is that Mad Men is overrated and I'm sick of no one saying that so I am saying it. That is all.

An important endtnote: to my dear friends who work in TV at Lionsgate, just think of this post as less of a rant and more of free publicity! Yay! Woo! Go Mad Men!

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jkpyle said...

hear. hear.