Monday, November 02, 2009

So. You are going to run into a pedestrian and then you are going to just DRIVE AWAY?!?

I was the victim of a hit and run on Saturday.

No really.

However, it was not as bad as it sounds.

But first, let me set the scene:

It was around 2:30pm Sunday. I was at the beach with my room mates and friends when the pain of my post-Halloween hangover had become too great and I was certain that my only haven would be the shelter of my bed and perhaps some Chinese food (orange chicken, specifically). I bid my friends farewell and slowly made my way from the beach, pausing once I reached Santa Monica's Main Street to wander into a quirky jewelry store on the corner. After realizing I didn't have my wallet on me, I decided it was time to charge across the street, up the hill and to my lovely apartment.

So here's what happened:
I was in a daze, but waited for the walk sign to turn into that little white walking man light because here in Los Angeles you do NOT j-walk (is that jay walk or j walk? Funny, I have never written that term before...) so the second I had a "go", I slowly made my way across the street, towards the Coffee Bean on the corner when all of a sudden A CAR IS DRIVING INTO ME. As in, here I am just walking walking I'm walking and all of a sudden my shoe is off and I am jumping backwards as my left arm slams against the hood of a sedan and then I am screaming at the idiot operating the motor vehicle "WHAT ARE YOU DOING I'M WALKING HERE!" (Interesting that my first reaction was to slam her car and get angry. I imagine a psychologist would have a FIELD DAY with that one), and then I picked up my shoe and slowly stumbled along the crosswalk, in shock, clearly.

So the driver of this champagne colored sedan (I think it was an Infiniti) rolls down the window, apologizes a few times as I continue to get angry and look at her in confusion (because then I was also wondering, did I do something wrong? WHICH I DIDN'T BY THE WAY) and then. THEN.


I'm sorry, but if you are turning left on a red light and hitting pedestrians as they walk across the street when it is THEIR TURN TO DO SO perhaps you should then pull over and check on these startled, potentially injured pedestrians. I MEAN REALLY.

I was so freaked out from the whole thing but fortunately there's always a lot of hippies milling about in front of the Coffee Bean (so, they're not as anti-establishment as you might think) who made sure I was okay and then I trudged up the hill home.

It wasn't until this morning when I noticed the left side of my midriff is bruised and my arm is pretty sore, as well as the foot that temporarily lost the shoe. But otherwise, I'm good.

So yeah. I am fine. But that woman who drove away after hitting me? She won't be fine. Karma's a bitch. So where ever you are hit-and-run lady, you've got yours coming, mark my words. And I hope I left a dent in your car from where my hand slapped the hood with my super human strength. That is all.


SamArtDog said...

Holy crossing-guard, girl! A genuine Dustin Hoffman moment. Possessed by Rizzo Ratso himself, you actually stopped Infiniti. Body-slammed it. I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

"You're in for a rude awakening if you think Jah is sleeping."

Glad you're okay.