Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Snooze You Lose (But Also Win)

One of my favorite TV shows is Lost. Obv.

Lost is one of those shows that inspires various degrees of pandemonium before, during, and after viewing. Two years ago I recall watching a season finale when my roommate pretty much had a full-fledged panic attack (this included her throwing various items at me, for no other reason than she just couldn't believe what was happening). It's one of those shows I love, but also find incredibly exhausting, because it's just so good, and sometimes just too difficult to keep up with, and I sometimes don't even want to start watching it because I can't handle the suspense, or I don't want it to end.

Last spring I wasn't home the night the finale aired. About a week later I went to watch it, after hearing so much buzz, and just being really excited in general, only to discover our stupid DVR deleted it. Okay, this was my fault because we record well over 30 shows and if we don't put a "keep" on things, shows get deleted within a few days to make more room. And sure, I could have watched the finale online, but I refused to watch it on Hulu, or some other site, because a show like that is not meant for the computer, it is meant for a gorgeous flat screen television.

But here we are, many months later, the final season of Lost is about to start and I still haven't watched the finale. I almost can't believe it's gone on this long.

However, this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise: just recently all of last season became available on Netflix streaming. We have Netflix streaming connected to our PlayStation 3. And voila: I will soon be able to see the finale on my TV. And even better, unlike the rest of all you suckers, I don't have to wait a gazillion months to find out what happens.

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