Monday, February 01, 2010

Are we there yet?

This time tomorrow night I'll be knee-deep into the Lost premiere. HOLY CRAP.

I've already written about my Lost-induced agita over at the Huffington Post, but there's one other point I wanted to make:

I'm that kid who always snooped my Christmas presents. I read the last page of a book. I always wanted to know the future - because I was deeply invested in the idea that everything would be okay. Perhaps my idealistic Pollyanna within wished for a happy ending so badly that this hunger for it prevented me from waiting.

When it comes to television shows, I am the same. I like spoilers. I like to know that the characters I have invested in are going to be okay. I need to know that my questions will be answered, that my consistent viewership will be rewarded. I don't seek them out for all shows, only some, but I won't ever turn away from them. I see SPOILER ALERT! and I keep reading.

However, with LOST? I don't want to know. Anything. Unfortunately, during previous seasons of the show's run I couldn't help but read things -- I mean I'm a news junkie, of course I would read things that might spoil me! But this year I am making a concerted effort to not know a THING about the show when it premieres.

And then today the premiere leaked online. After the first four minutes of the episode did on Friday. Have I watched either? No. Have I been tempted to? Not even close. I want the full Lost experience.

To quote a (crass) friend, I want to go into this whole thing "pure as fuck." And I think this is the first television show I've ever been content to do that with.

On that note, I'm psyched for the premiere, agita and stress and all.

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