Friday, February 19, 2010

Congratulations NBC! You've finally found some programming that gets viewers!

If only the Olympics occurred more frequently than every 2 years. At least for NBC, because apparently everyone (Or half of everyone - or some actual statistic I could look up, but feel I don't need to, because if you really care about the actual number you can just Google it yourself) is watching these Vancouver 2010 Olympic games.

I totally have Olympic fever. As a girl who grew up in Maine competing in both figure skating and downhill skiing for many years, I actually can talk about these sports with some authority (other sports I can talk about with authority? Field hockey, lacrosse, tennis... aka sports only played by WASPS in New England). Now, if I remember correctly, most people tend to prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics and I would imagine that's because the sports for the summer games are a little more conventional. That and a bazillion more countries compete.

But there is something about the Winter Olympics... they're just... batshit crazy. And just totally rad. I mean the threat of death is imminent (and sadly, this year, a reality) and when you think about it, like when you boil it down to the bare basics, you've got people essentially seeing how fast they can go using various sharp objects on top of varying surfaces of ice and snow. I mean, that's AWESOME.

And Canada? You're okay. No really! Despite my discomfort with the French-Canadian accent (I was educated by snobby Parisians for a chuck of time, what do you expect?) I am digging the vibe in Vancouver. Looks like a beautiful city with nice people.

Ultimately, it doesn't really surprise me that these games are getting a lot of viewers, and I am sure NBC is thrilled. If only the Olympics aired year round... I mean, what other programming has ever given American Idol a run for it's money? That's like freedom vs. freedom.

And freedom always wins.

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