Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Prediction" is one of my favorite songs by Steel Pulse.

Also, it's something I think my dad would excel at. Truly. Below, see his response to the Huffington Post bit on TV Pilot trends:

Very smart. Carla will like it as she is always saying that movies reflect where we are as a society and what we're thinking about, although you make a good point about it actually being a year behind. Movies and fashion would have to be the same. On that basis, you could probably predict what the pilots will be offering a year from now:

  • frustrated white house staff over Congressional logjams
  • one crusading senator fights to be bipartisan
  • crime show about hunting down anti tax revolutionaries who turn into domestic terrorists
  • rogue, maverick governor with Alaskan accent quits and takes on the establishment
  • rogue, maverick governor with Austrian accent serves out term and takes on establishment
  • middle of the road music student turns into punk/techno rock star with crazy outfits

...and so on. You could probably play this game forever.

He's the smart one, I think. I mean, I want to start writing some of these, but as he's alluded to, there are probably people who are already writing them!

Also, my dad is predictable: I love that everything above is politically-themed except for the last one. Speaking of, think he's talking about Lady Gaga there? Or Ke$ha? Maybe Adam Lambert? Probably an amalgam of the three.

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