Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's happening here? Is it Summer Hiatus?

As has been well-established, I love the Olympics. However, there's been this weird void of other TV shows I normally watch on a weekly basis, because even though these winter games are airing exclusively (and shittily, it should be mentioned) on NBC, all the other networks aren't really even attempting to counter-program. (Except for FOX, with American Idol, which almost always gets the gold).

Truth be told... it's kind of nice. I don't feel pressure to watch the Olympics. Sure I enjoy watching, but there isn't the same intense feeling of "OHMYGOD I need to get home to make sure I have enough time to watch four hours of television because it's MY JOB to do so."

Instead, I've been reading lots of pilots, watching pilots, writing a pilot and spending my evenings doing other more worthwhile things (like doing pilots. Heh. Hehe. Not really. I don't know any actual pilots, but that would have been funny). It's kind of like summer! Ahh summer hiatus, a time when TV-watching is put on the back burner and I'm less concerned with staying up on all the TV news and more concerned with my tan.

But then there comes a night such as tonight. I thought I had work drinks, but they cancelled. I was invited to go to some party in Hollywood, but I passed, because that whole Hollywood thing ain't my scene. And I already worked out today. So what am I going to do when I get home tonight? READ. Lots and lots of reading. What a novel idea! (Get it? Novel idea? Reading? God I am just full of puns today!) Now if it only were summer, and it was light until 9pm. Then I would go to the beach. My life is really, really hard.

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