Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wicked 90s

I have a tendency to use decades as adjectives. For example, this past President's Day weekend was pretty epic in a decade-specific way. How do I mean? Well, most epic was the 90s sleepover party that rounded up my Sunday night. What began as a typical night at Venice bars (what's that, it was Valentine's Day? Yeah, didn't notice) ended up with 5 people eating snacks in our living room, watching Beetlejuice (sidenote: probably one of my top five favorite movies ever) and playing Jenga. Yes, Jenga. Even better? We all slept in the living room, sprawled out on couches, and it wasn't until around 6am that people emerged from confused sleep and I stumbled off to my own bed (turns out, it is better to sleep with a blanket!).

Additionally, I watched a LOT of Olympics this weekend. Which feels very 90s to me as well, considering I spent the better part of my childhood obsessed with skiing and figureskating - and even competing in both at different points. I could watch the Olympics allllll day...


matt said...

if you made one of those big bed/nest creations for everyone to lay on together and there was anything consumed besides "snacks" then that could very well be considered "wicked 70s". Although in that case I supposed you'd have to replace "watched the olypmics" with "listen to marvin gaye". Regardless, it's something.

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