Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, HILLS, you got me, I'm coming back.

So remember how I never used to shut up about The Hills? Well, I stopped watching after the third season or so, but as this upcoming season is its final hurrah, I figure I may as well pay homage to the show I love to hate more than any other, and I can't think of a better way to pay said homage than to, well, watch it. Or at least set it to record so I can fast forward through all the Speidi nonsense and gratuitous LA scenery-porn montages. So that might leave me with about seven minutes of actual "plot" but I'm gonna love every partially-scripted moment.

First of all, I hate Speidi. I do. And they are both following me on Twitter. It's disgusting. But really, they disgust me. They are miserable. MISERABLE. Can we banish them from society? Or excommunicate them papal-style? I'm completely serious here.

However, everything else in that overblown extended preview looks AWESOME. I can't wait. BRING IT ON.

What do you think? Who else is going to watch? And do we think fan favorite LC will make a final appearance? Will we return to Laguna Beach where it all began? God I hope so...

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