Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When you wish upon a star...

As you may have noticed, either from the day-before post, or the lack of posting, I spent all day last Friday with my roommate DiTonto and her mom, who had been in town visiting us for the week, at the magical place that is Disneyland.

Now, what I may have failed to mention is that this was really my first Disney experience. The one where I was pretty much a baby doesn’t count. It’s also worth mentioning I have never been to a Six Flags or a Busch Gardens, and my only amusement park experience is Funtown USA, aka Maine’s pathetic excuse for a theme park (for proof of this lackluster place, please enjoy their budget website). I have also not been on a rollercoaster since I was in England in eighth grade, and I have never been on a ride that goes upside down.

So what I am trying to prepare you for here, is that this trip to Disneyland, was, as Joe Biden would say, A BIG FUCKING DEAL.

I’m not going to give you a full minute-by-minute recap, but I am going to share a few thoughts, and some pictures…

First, up did you know you get those mouse ears embroidered with your name? YOUR NAME! And if it’s your first time at the park you get a first time pin, also with your name! And, because I love Michael Jackson (and crewneck sweatshirts), after seeing his aspiring Star Wars film Captain EO I got a totally rad Captain EO sweatshirt.

I almost started crying on two rides, coincidentally the ride that kicked off the day – Star Tours (when I saw C3PO, as well as the promise of visiting Hoth and Endor I freaked out), and then the ride that closed the day, the Finding Nemo submarine adventure (because I love that movie so much it hurts).

DiTonto got a picture of me hugging a giant stuffed Winnie the Pooh, as well as a candid where I was standing on top of a picnic bench in an attempt to look at a Disney princess. She and Mama D also claimed they needed one of those leash backpacks that three-year-olds get. Because you know what? I FELT LIKE A CHILD. I DID. AND IT WAS AWESOME. I mean, it was magical. It really was.

Finally, I went on my first rollercoaster in 13 years: California Screamin’. And it went upside down! I took a picture of the picture they take when you are mid-ride, and while DiTonto’s face is covered in shadow, you can see the absolute glee on my face.

Obviously, my favorite part of this picture is the chick sitting in front of me. She looks like she is either about to vomit or murder someone. I am glad she didn’t do either.

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KO said...

funtown splashtown budget website did you say? sister they have video content! have you seen the happy wheels site?