Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because if there's one thing we don't have enough of, it's Law & Order spinoffs

Did everyone hear about the new Law & Order? It's called... Law & Order: Los Angeles.

[Insert fake surprise here]

At this point, CBS and NBC should just join forces and make the "All Procedurals, All the Time" Channel (that's APAT for short, in case you were wondering). Then you can have, like, Law & Order: Bismarck and CSI: Poughkeepsie and everybody's happy.

True fact: I have never watched an entire episode of Law & Order, not the original, not a spinoff - not one. Actually, same goes for CSI (but wait, is NCIS a spinoff of CSI? Or am I making that up because both shows have contain some of the same letters?) So I will not be subscribing to APAT, thank you very much.


Steph said...

I've never been enamored with the original L&O, but watched SVU until it became too horrible to even laugh at.

I'm wondering if L&O Los Angeles will actually film in LA, since the rest of 'em do. I would certainly hope so, but wouldn't put it past NBC to continue its cost-cutting ventures and try to make the Big Apple look like the City of Angels.

The one thing I'd seriously do is hire Michael Connelly as a consulting producer. Nobody knows the city or its crime stories better than that man. If they can get him on board, the series might actually catch my attention.

Steph said...

Sorry, mean to say the rest film in NY. Long day.