Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Desmond, you're MY constant

Let's talk last night's Lost for a second.

Now, there's no chance I am going to even attempt a recap or explanatory post because I don't understand what's happening throughout most of the episode and have to rely on friends to help me out.

But I do know that Desmond (played by the talented and oh-so-lovely Henry Ian Cusick) is without a doubt one of my favorite characters on the show - an amazing feat considering he joined in the second season and his appearances aren't consistently frequent.

The thing about Desmond's role on Lost that really sticks with me however, is that his character acts as a constant for the viewers. I know that when I watch one of his episodes that something will be revealed, but more importantly - I know he's going to find Penny. No matter when/where he is. And I think now he knows that too...

Also, I'm pretty sure I am going to be a mess when this show ends. I mean - after six years of watching something religiously? Just wow. End of an era, folks!

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