Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday TV Roundup

Last night marked new episodes of many popular TV shows - The Vampire Diaires, Supernatural, Bones, Fringe, among others. I spent the night catching up on a lot of TV from the entire week. Some thoughts below:

1) This week's episode of Modern Family - well, yeah. I am Phil Dunphy. That whole thing about "next week" being the worst thing you could say to an early adopter - that's me. I so relate. Also - good work Apple, now I really want an iPad.

2) Loved this week's Cougartown so much I put a "keep" next to it on my DVR. I know, I know - you're thinking, really? Cougartown? And yes, I've been able to clear my living room just by announcing that's the next show I plan to watch on an average weeknight, but seriously, give it a shot. It consistently provides the laughs.

3) Justified is amazing. Timothy Olyphant just usurped Seth Meyers' spot on my list of "Celebrity I Most Want to Have Sex With." That is all.

4) Last but not least, Bones returned to our television screens last night. I enjoyed the episode, but it wasn't until the promo for next week's that I was reminded how excited I am to watch again. It's the much-anticipated 100th episode I saw a few weeks ago, but next week I'll watch it with my roommates - which will likely be a fun experience. I especially can't wait to see their reactions to certain scenes. I think this episode might rank as the show's best - even if my response crossed a wide spread of emotions, the final being shock.

5). More importantly, who would win in a showdown between Justified's Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and Bones' Special Agent Seeley Booth?( My guess? Givens. It's the cowboy hat).

The weekend has started at my house, so I don't envision much TV watching to happen again until Sunday night.

Until then!

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