Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Names, please!

So for my actual day job - you know, the one I get paid for and like, health insurance and cool shit like that - I am in the process of culling together a list of actors who filmed pilots for the 2010-2011 TV season however their pilots were not picked up. In other words, their pilots are dead and these actors are now frantically looking for work and hopefully not in a Starbucks near you.

More importantly, I want to know out of these actors (because sadly, there are many) you like most - who do you consider "names"? Who would you love to see every week on your TV screen? Who is completely underrated? Who is the best non-working talent out there? What's your dream TV cast?

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Robyn Silverstone said...

I feel like the Alias cast was a dream cast. Raw talent like Jennifer Garners to Ron Rifkin, Lena Olin and Victor Garber. The Bones cast is doing a superb job at a dream cast and probably my next favourite, Parenthood.

Is there a list of shows that weren't picked up with the actors?