Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Neva: the fat cat you've never met!

I often say that cats and the Internet are meant to be. And man, is this true - earlier I tweeted a picture my brother's girlfriend sent me of his cat (formerly our family cat - all the way from Maine) who he'd brought over for a visit to my apartment (my brother lives a block away, and I've got a pretty killer deck that makes for a fun kitty field-trip), and after sharing the photo, I think I got the most Twitter @replies ever. Even more so than when I write about Bones (what? I know my audience).

Clearly, Neva is the next feline internet sensation. She's a cute cat with a pretty great personality, but the thing that's really working in her favor (for a life of celebrity, that is) - she's really, really, REALLY fat. So she's just funny without even trying. And before you attempt to chastise me or my brother or his girlfriend about animal diets, etc, trust me when I say this cat is in great health and she's been on a diet since reaching maturity - I guess she's just genetically predetermined to be the size of a small dog.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Neva, the fat cat you've never met, until now!

Hi. I'm Neva. I'm pretty fat and pretty awesome.

So what? I like to eat!

I'm sorry, did you want to lay down or something?

(And in case you were thinking there is NO way that cat go on that bed by herself, then you are correct. She did not).

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

I'd get that for you, but I'm much too busy sitting here.

No biggie. I'm just the next Internet star.


Anonymous said...

I too have a HILARIOUSLY funny cat...and he too is BIG! George is his name and he though is a large breed cat, so he is just built big...but needless to say, he doesn't realize just how big he is! He is just over 20 pounds (5 pounds lighter than when i got him) and he is a serious lap cat!

as you are with neva I am sure, I wouldn't trade him for the world! and as for dieting...HA!

--fellow fat cat owner

Snipes said...

Neva has added a few more LBs since I've last seen her!

Ms. Careena said...

Dude, Has Neva gained weight in LA?