Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Greatest Rivalry in Sports History? Duh, Annie vs. Marisa

I’d like introduce a friend of mine, Marisa Roffman, a savvy and wonderful TV Blogger for’s KorbiTV. Marisa and I share a lot of similar interests. We both love Twitter, TV, and talking about Twitter and TV, sometimes over lunch, but because we live on opposites ends of the city, usually on Twitter or email. However, there is one big difference between the two of us – our team loyalities.

Marisa loves the Lakers. Diehard fan.
I love the Celtics. Diehard fan.

In fact, we may be as passionate about our cities’ respective sports teams as we are about our TV shows. And you should see the length of emails back and forth over The X-Files, Lost, Bones, etc. We’d sort of made an agreement that we wouldn’t talk about the finals with each other, but thanks to Twitter, and the fact that we seem to overlap in followers, we’re doing a sort of Twitter/NBA Finals/TV bet.

Here are details:
If the Lakers win then I have to watch a full episode of any TV show of Marisa’s choosing, and if the Celtics win then she has to watch an episode of a TV show of my choosing. Furthermore - the next time Marisa and I have lunch, the loser will have to take a picture in the winning team's gear, which the winner will share on Twitter for everyone to laugh at.

While we might seem like people who enjoy all TV shows – I can promise there are more than enough crappy programs out there we’d rather not suffer through. Even better – we’re such social media/crowdsourcing lovers that we’re going to let our Twitter followers help the winner pick the crappy TV show the other must watch – and to prove she’s watching, the loser must live-tweet the entire episode as well as change their Twitter avatar to the winning team's logo while they watch.

This might be the nerdiest bet in the history of bets but we don’t really care – we’re all about the fun. Feel free to leave suggestions for the TV show the loser has to watch in the comments below - and of course any stipulations to add to the bet are always welcome!

So Marisa, Lakers – bring it on.

Go Celtics!


Fay said...

Ohhhhh I love this bet very much! I laugh with tears imagining what the loser has to go through. Thanks Annie and Marisa for bringing us onlookers/passionate sports fans some additional fun!

Go Celtics by the way! Being in Boston and all this is the only way to go ;)

ditonto said...

I vote A Baby Story - not because it's crappy programming (I do work for the network) but because as a woman it is one of the grossest, toughest things to sit through. And it must be in HD. And if we're getting really particular, a water birth episode. BOOM.

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ejaz14357 said...

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