Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Introducing the Stamos Sammy

I order the same thing at Subway, without fail, every single time I eat there (which by the way, is a frighteningly high number these days). I know you are simply dying to know what it is I eat, so let me share the details of the sandwich I find to be so incredibly delicious that many might argue is outright disgusting.

6 inch
Whole Wheat
Provolone (optional)
Green peppers

Now, if you want to try this out, what I will from henceforth refer to as the Stamos Sammy (Sammy = Sandwich, duh), then I highly recommend you suggest to your sandwich maker that he or she throws on extra pickles and extra peppers and when he or she feebly grabs for like, three stringy peppers and/or pickles that you repeat the request until your sammy is simply overflowing with pickles and peppers. And you know, you might as well make it a Meal Deal

In case you were wondering, yes, I just ate lunch, and yes, that is what I ate. So no, I am not sponsored by Subway, however I certainly wouldn't shy away from any endorsement opportunities...

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