Monday, August 23, 2010

Okay fine. I will never bitch about LA traffic ever again.

And I will not plan any trips to China during which I will rent a car or get in a car or drive from Beijing to like, ANYWHERE.

From CBC -

A nine-day traffic jam in China is now more than 100 kilometres long and could last for weeks, state media reported Monday.

Thousands of trucks en route to Beijing from Huai'an in the southeast have been backed up since Aug. 14, making the National Expressway 100 impassable, Xinhua News reported.

A spokesman for the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau reportedly told China's Global Times newspaper that the backup was due to "insufficient traffic capacity … caused by maintenance construction."

What's the longest time you've spent stuck in a traffic jam? Take our poll.

The construction is scheduled to last until Sept. 13.

Stranded drivers appear to have few options when it comes to dealing with the jam.

At least some drivers have complained that roadside vendors have increased their prices to take advantage of the traffic jam. One truck driver said he bought instant noodles from one vendor for four times the original price.

I don't know what is more upsetting. The fact that this traffic jam could last for almost A MONTH, or that some dude overpaid for RAMEN FUCKING NOODLES.

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