Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

I'm wearing a romper today. You know - like a onesie - one of those one-piece shorts ensembles that hipsters and festival-goers and children under the age of two often sport. I am also wearing a blazer. A black blazer. I am wearing a floral romper and blazer. 

This exact romper - but floral. Although I also have it in black. And neon pink.
My co-worker said it best when she gave me a laugh at the outfit this morning - "You look like an overgrown 5-year old playing dress-up and throwing on every article of clothing you could find in the closet."

All I know is I'm harboring some concern when it comes to going to the bathroom. See - I'm also wearing a belt. So that means a trip to the bathroom is going to require removing the blazer, the belt, and the entire romper before I can get anywhere. Wish me luck.

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