Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Social TV Viewing Chez Moi

Let's say you were considering watching TV at my house, with me and my roommates (DiTonto, Adubs, Becca and our lovely summer squatter Bui) - what could you expect? What's it like watching TV targeted for tweens with five girls in their mid-twenties?

Well, in an email chain attempting to plan what time we'd be watching tonight's mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars, Becca made an insanely hilarious, and likely accurate prediction for the night:

I know you're all looking forward to group watching. We all know that Adubs is going to pause a lot to discuss. And I'm going to get up 9 times to do miscellaneous activities and Stamos is gonna be like "wait what's going on" and then Bui is going to get up and get watermelon three times and leave her bowl on the floor next to her flip flops and groan about how much she's eaten. Next we'll have Ash holding her shirt over her nose from the smell of the popcorn I'll inevitably make, huffing and puffing the whole time about who is talking and what's going on and how she is nauseous and we are all going to end the PLL watching affair with the same sort of blank stare that the impeccably dressed liars take on with every new A-originated SMS.

Becca - you're a genius. Those girls really have that post-text blank stare locked down, and it's not too far off from our own collective post-viewing expressions. (And I do realize the irony of the fact that I, the TV obsessed one, is almost always the one who has no idea what's happening - but that applies to most of my life.)

Much love to the four girls I live with...

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