Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watch 'Lone Star'

The reason I'm live in LA and work in the entertainment industry is because I love the opportunity for imaginative storytelling through television.  What I've learned to love since I've been out here is that the process of making and creating a television show is an incredibly collaborative experience that comes forth from amazing talent, talent that often needs to be shared, stretched, and nurtured. That's why TV is such an incredible media - like a book series we watch characters grow and evolve over many hours and many weeks. It's really something.  And that's why it saddens me when deserving shows don't get the chance to start that journey.

Thus I present arguably one of the best pilots from the 2010-2011 television season; Lone Star. Whether or not the show itself is as good, I have no idea - and maybe none of us will if it doesn't get enough viewers next Monday. Do yourself a favor and get a glimpse at this beautiful pilot below, and give the show a chance Monday at 9pm. Tell your friends. It'd be really nice to see some quality, high-concept, unique programming succeed.

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Kath McG said...

Excellent article and excellent taste!
Save Lonestar!!