Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay you guys. Based on what you know of me - whether or not you are one of my best childhood friends and know everything about me... or you just have an opinion formed completely on your perception of the posts in this here blog - what the hell should I be for Halloween?

I refuse to do any of that "Slutty Nurse" bullshit. That's just an excuse to dress like a slut. If you want to dress like a slut, dress like a slut, and then tell people you are a slut. Profound, right? Needlepoint that shit.

80s Ski Suit
Anyhoo - I've been toying with ideas ranging from - a little kid, an old lady who lives in Florida and spends too much time on the beach, Rocky, a zombie, a Lobsterman, an 80s skiier (please note I end up dressing like an 80s athlete just about every year so I'm probably going to end up in a once piece ski suit at one point regardless of what I choose), a lobster, Punky Brewster, or.... yeah that's where I run out of ideas.  All I know is I want to be comfortable. I mean, unlike most girls, I view Halloween as the one time of the year I get to wear sweatpants out to a bar.

So, what should I be? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Jackie said...

Rocky- but not Balboa you should be Rocky Horror