Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hi. My Name is Annie, and I'm totally, completely, overextended.

I'm one of those people that likes to do everything. I have trouble saying no. I also have a tendency to just do as much as I possibly can until I'm on the brink of a nervous meltdown/existential crisis/both. Last night my dad called and I couldn't talk because I was pulling into a meeting at 7:30pm. I haven't talked to my dad on the phone - beyond a two minute "I'll call you back" since Labor Day weekend. THAT IS A MONTH AGO.

Earlier today I sent my dad and step-mom an email asking their opinion on whether or not I should pick up another class. My dad's worldly advice was:

I'd take five more classes and while you're at it, how about writing a couple more blogs.  Hey, you can write mine!  Also, you could probably squeeze in being a production assistant at another company and I'd like to hire you to do some research for us...and...

Perhaps you're just a bit over committed?

Point taken - and that's some good fatherly advice.

Moral of the story: sometimes saying NO is the right thing to do...

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