Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man, those birds sure are angry!

Recently I've become obsessed with the game Angry Birds. I play it on my iPhone at almost any focus on whatever I am actually supposed to be focusing on. For example, this morning in our business affairs meeting, when I often daydream of a day my name might be one of the writers listed on that overwhelming grid, I actually paid a close attention to the discussion, as well as cruise through six levels of Angry Birds! Now, that might just reveal how out of control my ADHD is - I mean, I need to be doing about three things at once for me to be able to focus on anything apparently - but I like to think of it as excellent multi-tasking.

On a related note - I adore this Angry Birds inspired birthday cake:

Man, those birds sure are angry!
I can't lie. I look at this picture and am already thinking up a strategy for catapulting those birds onto those green pig-hog thingies. Like I said - I'm addicted.

Picture via Pocket-lint.

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