Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aziz Ansari and his best friend Rob Lowe!

The best comedy you're not watching (besides Cougartown) returns to TV tomorrow night: Parks and Recreation! I've seen the first six episodes of the upcoming season and have to say that it's without a doubt some of the funniest shit on TV right now. I laughed my face off. Rob Lowe is, simply put, a revelation.

Here's a fun spoof of the credits, featuring Aziz Ansari and the incredible cast:

I have to say that while half the time I think Aziz is overexposed and annoying, he always manages to make me laugh. I do appreciate that he can take a good jab at himself. Man, I would love to hang around that set! Fun, right?

Remember: watch this show!

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Michelle said...

Thank goodness -- I was seriously starting to go through withdrawal. Everything that Aziz says makes me laugh, and I am loving the Rob Lowe addition. And Ron's mustache. And everything about Leslie, more or less.