Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talking Firefly

So you guys know how I love Firefly - right? (Right.) Well I'm putting that love to use (okay, along with all that other stuff I do like consulting and social media marketing and branding and what not) over in this piece from NewTeeVee:

"Sorry, Firefly Fans, But Nathan Fillion Can't Bring it Back"

Now before all the Whedonites out there stone me for the reality check - I'd love to see this show come back in any way shape and form (frankly I'd hope that Joss Whedon would be at the helm) but just knowing the way television studios work I really think this is one hell of a long shot. Then again, as I told Liz at NewTeeVee, if any fandom can do something so unprecedented, it would be this one!

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