Monday, February 07, 2011

Why I Will Watch 'The Chicago Code'

Tonight you can catch the premiere of the new Fox drama The Chicago Code. Have you heard of it? Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday? Are you an idiot? If you answered yes to the first two questions and no to the third, then you know what I'm talking about. 

Based on the advertising, and what I can gleam from the various trailers, teasers, and promos that have been filling the airwaves recently, I don't know that this would normally be a show that screams "must-see TV" for me (Why? Cops. Not really into shows about cops).  However, there are three reasons I will watch The Chicago Code:

(1) It's a pilot. I always like to watch pilots. I almost always watch the first episode of any show. Even if I don't think I will like it. Okay so maybe I didn't watch the pilot of Shit My Dad Says but that was out of principal.  But Blue Bloods? Not a show I would typically watch, and truthfully, that's a pilot I never watched until I was on a plane last week. But that show is GOOD.

(2) Matt Lauria. Also known as Friday Night Lights' very own Luke Cafferty, who is just an outstanding actor, and is one of The Chicago Code's regular cast members. And he's pretty nice to look at. And yeah, FNL. I'll probably watch anything that anyone from FNL is in from now on. (Except for Off the Map. Sorry Zach Gilford - I tried, I really did).

(3 - and this is the MOST important) Middlebury. I know you're thinking: um, Stamos? It's called The Chicago Code, not The Middlebury Code (which on a side note, could be a gripping CW drama about like, the ubiquitous dress code of polo shirts, Patagonia fleeces and gray New Balance kicks and the one student who dares to mix things up by maybe NOT popping his collar). But get this - the show's creator - Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit, Terriers) - is one of Middlebury's most notable alums. Also an alum: me. (Less notable, but relevant, here okay?) So obviously I'm going to support any Middlebury alum (related - I'm apparently the co-president of the Los Angeles Chapter of Middlebury Alumni, a fact that entertains me to no end) and get real excited by my distant association with The Chicago Code. I mean, if at the end of every episode of a TV show I get to see MIDDKID pop up on my screen then I'm happy:

Screengrabbed from Hulu - hence the buffering.
Also? I'm going to watch the show because apparently it's really, really good. So that's something else to consider.

What about you? Will you be catching the premiere of The Chicago Code tonight? Did you know that Shawn Ryan went to Middlebury? Did you know that Middlebury has the same mascot as FNL's Dillon Panthers? Wait - before you answer that, did you know that Middlebury is actually a FOUR YEAR college in Vermont that is, kind of like, AWESOME? (Yes there's a need to insert FOUR YEAR college because I cannot tell you how many people in LA seem to think Midd is some community college in Fresno or something...)

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