Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tchotchkes and Toys!

I love tchotchkes. 

First of all. It's a great word. Like, it's really weird. A really weird word that perfectly exemplifies what it means, you know? And I love it!

I love tchotchkes!

Well, not at home. At home I like everything crisp, clean and tchotchke-free. That's because, in my opinion, the ideal place for tchotchkes is at the office. I keep a whole bunch of tchtochkes at my office. And toys! I love toys. If I could get a Happy Meal every day just for the toy, I would. (I mean, I could, in theory, but that's disgusting, so it's only on rare occasions that I do. Like when the toy is REALLY good). So here's a glimpse at just a few of the tchotchkes that surround me (click to enlarge):

Mulder + Scully 4eva

Sometimes I huff my Pine Pillow! Just kidding! Not really!
I have to say, one of my favorite parts about working at a TV studio is that it's totally legit and not perceived as nerdy at all to have action figures on your desk.  Okay, maybe it's a liiiiiiittle nerdy if it's a show you never worked on... so for, me The X-Files. But still... it's probably a lot more acceptable to have toys everywhere here than, say, if I worked in investment banking or something. HAHAHA. CAN YOU IMAGINE? ME? WORKING IN INVESTMENT BANKING???

What about you guys? What are some of your most cherished tchotchkes?


Anonymous said...

aaah love 'em! I've got a jar full of floaty pens (those little touristy trappy gift shop pens that have a scene that floats back and forth in it, like a man pushing a hot dog cart in NYC), a little glass pig from a shop at the top of a mountain in Scotland, a little eiffel tower, and a cactus...those make up my TopTchotchkes.

Anonymous said...

The Stamell's are Jewish as Tevye