Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Music!

Every year after I get back from Coachella I spiral into a post-festival depression that involves me feeling stupid (I killed a lot of brain cells, okay?), listening to the same bands on repeat for hours on end, and endlessly researching other upcoming music festivals. 

Okay it's not that bad - I'm just being dramatic you guys! GOSH. But okay I'm in a post-Coachella music craze and the Lollapalooza (is that the most 90s festival, or what?) lineup was announced today. And Tennis is playing! Tennis! You remember them, right? I've blogged about them before - I love them! I'm not sure how they'd be in the festival setting but I imagine I would have a damn good time... so yeah, while I should be working and writing and thinking about REAL things, here I am daydreaming about taking a trip to Chicago in late August...

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