Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaar

I'm having an identity crisis. Do I post here, or do I post at tumblr? I'm thinking I really should be combining the two, but until then, I might be doing some re-posts and duplicate posts and who knows what. SO JUST BEAR WITH ME YOU GUYS, OKAY?

So, over at my tumblr I just geeked out over TV pilots - I've been getting a bunch of the new shows already this week and hoping that the pilot library at work only increases as the week progresses. I'll provide comments here or on tumblr or Twitter as they come to me. (And when appropriate - watched a pilot last night I was NOT supposed to have so I'm remaining tight-lipped on some). I don't want to spoil any shows, and as I'm not ACTUALLY a critic I'm not going to give reviews either - just my opinions! YOU KNOW I'M GOOD AT THAT! Oh and because it's my biggest pet peeve when the clips networks release are the worst ever at conveying the actually strength of a pilot, for any of those shows with trailers that make them look shitty, I'm for sure going to encourage you to watch. Like Bent, for example (just go read my tumblr post and you'll get it).

But yeah, I love pilots. I love TV. It's this time of year when I remember why I moved out to LA in the first place, and am so very thankful that I did!

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