Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Man, A Plan, A BLOG!

Okay so I think I have it figured out - by IT I mean this, blog, and how I am going to use it. I think this is the spot for my stories and personal anecdotes and where I can tell you guys about my job and how much I love it (I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and sometimes what I am wearing.

I'll leave the Tumblr for the occasional snark but mostly reblogs. Yep, I think that'll do.

SO UM today I am wearing a NEON HOT PINK shirt and these white shorts that have green flowers on them and sometimes I get NERVOUS that if I wear white shorts, no matter if I am not going to get my period for three weeks from now, I am getting my period. WHICH WOULD BE THE WORST. Boys, you wouldn't understand but this is a REGULAR fear for girls who wear white bottoms.  TRUST ME.
I love my job mostly because I wear shorts and TOMS shoes almost every day and it's awesome. Okay fine I miss dressing up a teensy bit.  But I still get to experiment with my wardrobe and that is my favorite and FUN FUN FUN!

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